Eline CSR is a training and advice company in corporate social responsibility for businesses who are looking for a tailor made and branch specific CSR in- house training or  advice on CSR strategies.

By clustering research, advice and training for certain industries together, the insights Eline CSR offers are unique and practical (value adding) for that certain branch of industry. The types of value that Eline CSR adds:

  • valuable knowledge on trends in CSR, business ethics for that industry.
  • valuable tools for companies to reflect in their company culture and ethics
  • value in terms of money saving advice on efficient use of resources to gain or retain a good business ethics / CSR strategy
  • value in terms of building a stronger and more responsible company culture through training and advice in business ethics and CSR.

The name of the company, Eline (ee – line) CSR, reflects the business Ethical line of thoughts Eline CSR digs out in the discussions and research she does in company advice and CSR training. Eline CSR is run by Maaike Eline Harmsen, an experienced CSR advisor who has worked in Asia (Indonesia, China) and in Europe (Netherlands) for various companies (Shell International) and international organizations (NGOs, CIBE, Globe Ethics) in the field of CSR, cross- cultural communication and business ethics.

This website provides an overview of what Eline CSR can provide for companies, and individuals in training and advice. There are also links to interesting websites, running topics in the field of CSR and business ethics, and a blog under ‘news’, of  Maaike Harmsen’s reflections on her activities.

Key words and practices: CSR training & advice, branch specific CSR research. Business ethics training for business leaders, entrepreneurs, young professionals. Guest lecturer and facilitator.