How Many Minutes does it take to get a CSR program started in a Small Company?

How Many Minutes does it take to get a CSR program started in a Small Company?

And how much money will it cost us? And how much money will it save you? Key questions for any entrepreneur who gets his or her head around the nagging feeling they have to start to ‘do something with CSR’.  In this blog I try to find an answer to that first question, on how much time does it take to get started?

First 5 minutes: Get involuntarily hooked on a crisis in your Branch of industry.

A crisis in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility does not have to involve you directly, but it can impact you anyway by its ripple effect. If you are involved in the textile manufacturing industry, and a fire breaks out in a textile factory in Bangladesh, you will get attention from friends, stakeholders, clients around you, who ask you how your factories are going, even if you have factories in completely different region of the world.  If an accountancy firm in a city makes a fraudulent mistake, all other accountancy firms can expect questions from their clients on what they are doing to prevent the same mistake. … and you have your CSR issue!

120 Minutes: Google your branch specific key CSR issue, and search for toolkits for risk management in the field of CSR

Taking preventive measures to ensure you will not make the same mistake, takes some time to find the right knowledge:

1. How did the crisis start? (Bad management, lack of inspection by others, bonus system stimulated fraud? ) And how did they deal with it?

2. How did others prevent this mistake?

3. Have I missed other possible risks in my industry? (I give you 1 minute for finding a risk management tool, see my resources page)

4. Using ISO 26 000 toolkit, check out who your main stakeholders could be, for the key CSR issues that come up.

60 Minutes: writing a one page piece on two key CSR issues for your Company,

And 60 minutes discussing first draft with your stakeholders

Writing this is not a thesis, but the primary reading group is your stakeholders, those people who are impacted most by your key CSR issues: this could be sent out to your staff council, and discussed and finalized with them: or you could take it to two or three main trusted clients,  or suppliers, and discuss this with them.

30 minutes: Finalizing one page CSR program for coming two years in your company: GO!

Total: 275 Minutes, that’s 4 hours and 35 minutes for a company manager, some work can be done by assistant, intern.  What do you think of it?