Last train home- Parenting problems do matter for company results

As we are entering the Chinese New Year migration, many migrant workers are travelling great distances to see their children again, for a few days a year. The movie ‘Last train Home’ captures the anguish of these migrant parents perfectly, a must see for everyone who wants to know what migrant workers face in their daily life.

Watching a movie is one thing, a few weeks ago I was at the launch of the research study done by CCR CSR, and NGO that takes heart the the Children Rights here in China, on Migrant Parenting.This research showed the results of a  survey done under 1500 migrant workers in China. The results (see the link below for more) are here: 80% of the migrant parents working in the cities who leave their children behind in the rural areas, feel inadequate in taking care of their children. Even 50% of the parents who do have their children in the same city, feel inadequate.

Now companies can say that this is not really their problem, that migrant workers choose to work to far away from their children themselves, that it is a moral problem of parents, not of companies. But here are some other interesting discoveries:

  • 59% of the migrant parents working, feel distracted and lack commitment (Due to their situation)
  • 38% make frequent errors due to worry about their children
  • 33% are unhappy and unenthusiastic

I think these hard research facts speak for themselves- every company wants workers who work hard, safe and reliable- frequent errors in a factory are not what you want to see in manufacturing, for safety and quality reasons alone!

CCR CSR works together with local partners and companies to solve some of the tension for migrant workers, have look at their website for details.