Here, there and everywhere- Maaike Eline moving around the Globe (again)

What is it like, to have your second permanent repatriation imminent on your doorstep? Well, for a start, this is the 17th time I am moving from one city to another in my short life. I feel like I am in the familiar zone in thinking and handling, its not a comfort zone, but very familiar…. Yes I am moving from Beijing China to Holland this summer, where I will continue Eline CSR training and Advice work.

In September I will be back in China for a week of Training and Advice though! I will keep the Eline CSR gmail agenda up to date on this website. 


…and I hope I can expand further with my work from September onward: no limitations on Internet in Europe, no problems with GOOGLE (June 4 is coming up..) there, wordpress ( which underlies my website)  is fine and unblocked, no more problems reading sensitive topics, it must count for something right?

But what stays is simple: this Company, ME, this website, my email address, my motivation. Have a look around for events coming up and ask me for what’s next!