Culture games part II: retaining your business culture, 2 tips

Not all business consultants want to change your business culture or strategy……. Some businesses are run awesomely, they are growing fast and take pride in taking good care of employees and clients alike.  And as a consultant, I sometimes just enjoy a nice tour around a fantastic office floor, where business is booming. Still, when business is booming and employees are hired per dozen per month, its hard work to retain the right business culture that you approve and have cultivated. I have quite a few thoughts on this, but this week just two tips:

  1. Mind the gap.

Every employee gets his or her set of responsibilities through management, including a set of values that define the company. But there is a gap between the broader responsibility of an employee and the accountability of the same employee. Not all goals set for an individual employee can be achieved, because not all their means are controllable by that employee, especially in a complex and fast growing environment. It is the task of middle management to find out where the gap is, and help making the gap smaller.

2. Mind the gap!

Employees that are working in the head office, having a ‘blue collar’ job with a nice pay check, are more willing to share the business culture and its benefits than the employees with a minimum loan working in shifts doing more repetitive manual jobs…. Eventhough the responsibilites differ greatly between officeworkers and manual workers, management must keep in mind that giving the right respect, and giving possibilities to grow in a career, should be to all, not just the office workers. If you want your employees on every level to feel proud of, and promote, your business culture, they have to feel responsible for their work, their career and their own company culture.

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