Yoda’s advice on getting your management board on board for CSR -part I

yoda the force

Yes, the CSR force awakens! Maybe someof you reading this recognize the following path of discovery: You have seen the ‘light’ on the meaningfulness of having a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy for your company. You have had a crisis of sorts where you or your colleagues were forced to say to your management  or board:”If you decide on starting to work like that, we will QUIT. ”  You see light and darkness and the shades in between, now how to start???

  1. First of all, congratulations on discovering that there is more to business than business all by yourself. It is a strong force and a great start to be intrinsically motivated for ethics in business!


  1. Yes you can make a difference in the workplace, by starting to walk the talk yourself, starting up the conversation within your own team on this, the suppliers you handle, the people you meet, in and outside of work, or maybe even by just joining a discussion group on LinkedIn on the subject.


3. Next week, I will blog on how to work on getting your management board on board for CSR.

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