Yoda’s advice on getting your board on board- Part II

yoda the force

What makes a ‘tipping point’for a  management board to start thinking of working on corporate social responsibility and the ethical foundation of their company? And how can you  provide that tipping point as an employee? First of all, there is no one path to success in this. In my experience as CSR advisor to companies small and large, the way a company makes a decision to start working on a CSR program can come from external (legal,  BtB, NGOs) as drivers. As employee, you cannot influence all these, but you can do something else. Here are some 3 tips:

  1. Yoda says: Do, there is no try. Just start, not with a new vision, or document, but with talking to others, coffee corner conversation and informal lunches, the process of talking without having to decide anything yet is just as important as making a decision!
  2. Bring all the drivers and motivators of CSR, external and internal to the table together for the management board to see. The visual impact of all the factors together shows the board that there is more than just your motivation for CSR, and they can see where they can have impact with new decisions.
  3. Don’t go for the business case alone. Sure, your company will benefit financially from a CSR strategy: your company will benefit with more profits in the long term, it will help increase employee attainment, marketing and public relations, strengthen ties with government, all proven benefits. But most importantly having a CSR strategy will improve business itself in its value and meaning as a business in society. And it will give a meaning to the business effort itself.





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