Stupid hobbies and finding meaningful work

A room full of people from all around the world, one with a medical degree, one a PhD in physics, an MBAs and a Master degree in foreign affairs. No one was able to find a job. What happened to them??

If I had written women instead of people  you would have guessed right away what the reason would be for their lack of work, and yes they are women who made the choice 5 years or more ago to stop working and raise their children by providing high quality day and  night care on a full time basis. But kids have the tendency to grow up,and from a certain age to seem to be more and more independent. Yes you have to tell them 4 times that they need to take a shower, but they will go and take one.

But to get back in the workforce a recruiter is only interested in a few things: a drive (these women have that drive) a skill set (well all they all have at least a Masters degree) and .. from the past 5 years relevant work experience ( well the experience was relevant, but not for recruiters!).  Here are some of my tips:

-Look for an organisation that needs your skills but can’t afford you. This could be a start up company or an NGO.

-keep up to date with your skill set and aim for a higher education, maybe a side step (another Masters) but never a lower education step.

-Cut down on hobbies as fillers of your day. Look out for the cupcake perfection trap, and don’t think that your volunteer work at schools cannot be done by others.




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