Eline CSR provides branch specific advice for companies who want to understand their business culture better. By clustering research, advice and training for certain industries together, the insights Eline CSR offers are unique and practical (value adding) for that certain branch of industry. The types of value that Eline CSR adds:

  • valuable knowledge on trends in CSR, business ethics for that industry.
  • valuable tools for companies to reflect in their company culture and ethics
  • value in terms of money saving advice on efficient use of resources to gain or retain a good business ethics strategy
  • value in terms of building a stronger and more responsible company culture through training and advice in business ethics and CSR.

Types of Advice:

  • Quick scan and report on current status of business ethics within a company or business leader. 3-4 hours
  • Advice based on interviews with staff, management team, based on ISO 26 000 toolkit: 30-40 hours.
  • Other advice trajectories are negotiable.

Many companies struggle to find the right time and money to focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. At the same time they have the feeling they lack in a good understanding of what the right way to do business would be, concerning corruption, sustainability issues, work culture, labor rights, especially in a foreign environment (Asia). Eline CSR training and advice emphasizes that a change in culture should come from understanding the underlying ethics (the ethical Line) of the different actors in a company. Understanding business ethics as they are (especially working in a multi-cultural organization) helps making a better and more reliable CSR business strategy.

I use the ISO 26 000 toolkit for assessments and advice work (including GRI reporting tools), this enables companies to choose their own key issues in collaboration with their stakeholders.