The training on Corporate Social Responsibility and related topics offered by Eline CSR is tailor made for each customer, for an overview of courses already given, see below. For recommendations: see Testimonials

  • Finding your VOICE  a training The workshop is meant for job seekers, people who want to change job or careers and are looking for meaningful work. Goals of the workshop can be summarized in a Goal for your Head, your Heart and your Hands:

    Head:understanding the tools to find out what your voice may be in 2016, as in finding meaningful work OR finding meaning in your work.
    The tools include an overview of how to seek in your different skills set, in your different passions, in your growing conscience and the everchanging market, what your voice should be in this period of your life.
    Hart: to be engaged on the adventure ahead of you, to find fun in the frustration, to find out what a pro-active way of speaking and acting feels like to you personally.
    Hands: A little bit of drama will help you to reflect on you say, what you feel, think and how you act….

    The 3 hour workshop can be given to a minimum of 3, a maximum of 8 participants. The costs of the workshop (including all materials) is for a group of 3 or 4 persons, 240 euros for the whole group. Including Dutch VAT(BTW) (for the smaller group the setting could be a home of one of the attendees, thus making the workshop less expensive.)The workshop can be given to larger groups but the amount time needed would be longer (full day) and at a different rate.
    For registration and inquiries, please use this link: WORKSHOP FINDING YOUR VOICE
  • ‘CSR trends in your industry’ training, in house training Eline CSR provides a basic one morning training for general en middle managers that are up to date on the latest CSR requirements and trends for busy managers who have CSR in their portfolio. The training gives an insight on what CSR is, what it means for their company and what the steps are the coming year for their company to get the best out of their new CSR based business strategy. 100% of the participants in previous years would recommend the training to others.

Duration:  3 days

Maximum 20  participants ,also suitable for medium enterprises.

  • CSR and business culture. This training is suitable for companies who want to reap the benefits of being cross- cultural, not be hindered by it. It provides an overview of the different philosophical and moral views of the training participants and seeks to improve understanding and improve the working relationship of the different employees. An Eline CSR training offers insight in the clashing expectations on the CSR issues by the different participants and offers a road of thinking to a common understandable solution that is manageable. It works from the base ground of a diverse employee background to a unified where possible, business culture that reflects the chosen values of that company.

Duration: 3 mornings, suitable up to 20 participants per company.

Some previous courses by Eline CSR:

  • Presentation “International CSR and the Chemical Industry” July 2015 for CSR Netherlands.Linkedin PROFILE
  • Short Seminar on ‘CSR in China’  for Country Managers of the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition, @Shanghai, 2012.
  • Academic Course ‘Business ethics and Law in China’ ,University of International Business and Economics, @Beijing 2012
  • Business ethics, ethical leadership  Pyongyang, DPRK in  2013 and 2016.
  • Seminar for ‘CSR trends in China’ for Business Leaders, @Beijing, 2014 and 2013
  •  CSR in China, a lecture for the University of Applied Sciences ‘Hogeschool Zuyd’ in @Maastricht Holland, May 2015
  • Seminars on ‘Finding your Voice- finding work’, esp. for career switching women